This early 1920's photo was taken by Geneva Heydinger Kehres with her "brand spanking new" Kodak box camera. It was included in a photo album that had been in her family for years but surfaced again shortly after her death in 2006.

The children are (L. to R.) Lucille (Sr. Bernardine), Frank in the funky hat, Clement (Nick), Helen, and Rita. Notice that only the girls are wearing shoes! The photo was taken before the family barn that still stands on the former Herbert Heydinger farm across from Auburn Lake Park on SR 103 in North Auburn.


The August Heydinger Intimate Photos

Grandma Mayme Heydinger always delighted in her minor tasks. Here she tends her flock of chickens. The eggs provided "pin money" that she needed for the little extras for the kids like penny candies.

Smiles tell it all - joys of motherhood and childhood joy. Don't miss the little kid behind the egg pail - Bunks (Raymond.)


Apple making time always was work but with sweet success. Here Sylvester helps his mom while the two littlest girls, Helen and Rita, get to lick the spoons.

Geneva and three of her best buds perch on the barn overhang. Such daring young lasses!


Gus did occasionally have fun. Here he visits the old fishing hole down on the Honey Creek with the younger chikdren: Helen, Rita, and Clement (Nick) on this bank while Frank can be seen on the far bank. (Squint a little!)

Gus and the boys paint the silo. Gus is up high, on the step ladder only, as he had a bumb knee, with Sylvester way up top and Whitey in the background - supervising.


Life on the Farm in the 20's

Seems girls worked the horses, too, in those days.

Electricity eventually came to the farm. Here the boys have to erect their own pole. Family paid for it, too!

Gus relaxes with his youngest, Bunks.


Relatives on the Wechter Side of the Family

Mayme's mother Amelia Fisher Wechter around 1923.

Mayme's Aunt Eva Wechter around 1924.

Scene at the John Fries farm around 1925, with Toby (Rev. Isadore Fries) on the left. Still working on identifiying the others.