The Frank Heydinger Family

You will not see Uncle Frank, one of the original nine Heydinger boys, in the picture above. This picture was taken in 1935, and Frank had been deceased since 1911. He had been working on a barn roof when either heat stroke or a heart attack took him at age 46.

We have at this time very little information or pictures about Frank that we can put up here. Family members, please contact us so we can properly honor this man and his family.

This picture is the earliest that we have of Uncle Frank. It was sent in by his great-granddaughter, Jane Kramer Zuzek, daughter of Ruth Hertzer, daughter of Mary Heydinger Hertzer (Cletus), oldest daughter of Frank Heydinger (1865 - 1911). Jane does not know when the picture was taken, but Frank appears in his early 20's, which would put the picture in the mid- to late-1880's.

This is the earliest picture that we have of Margaret Boblick Heydinger, the young bride of Uncle Frank. Frank was 16 years her senior, yet he married this tender young thing when she was only 14 - with her father's stipulation that she not have children for three years. She looks scarcely out of her teens here, which would put the picture close to 1900. Together they had six children before Frank met his demise on the barn roof that summer day. After her husband's death, Margaret worked in the fields right along side her brothers, while her daughter Mary (Hertzer), age 12, tended the kids at home. Margaret survived another 51 years until 1962. This picture wa also sent in by Jane Kramer Zuzek

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This website is your chief source for information concerning the 2010 John Heydinger five-year reunion, aka "The Big One." While it may seem primitive right now, it will be constantly updated, so check back frequently.

The 2010 reunon date has been set for July 31 - August 1, 2010.

Saturday evening will have a Mass, celebrated by Fr Frank Kehres, at 5 PM. A potluck supper will follow, with square dancing continuing till 11 PM - all at North Auburn's Mother of Sorrows Church.

Sunday will be celebrated entirely in New Washington's St. Bernard's Parish Hall. Bring your goodies around 11:30 AM, and dinner will begin promptly at noon. The committee will supply all table service wear and drinks.

Also, since the family auction was such a terrific fundraiser in 2005, we have decided to repeat this event. So begin now to create some object(s) which would be of interest to the family and have some monetary value at auction in order to help raise funds to throw the next big bash in 2015!

HELP!!! We need your HELP!!!

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This is YOUR FAMILY WEBSITE. It will be successful only if YOU contribute. You do NOT have to be computer savy to help out. Contact us, and we'll git'er done!

We need Current Contact Information.

In order to keep all folks fully informed, we need CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION: street addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

Contact your siblings, your children away from home, your folks - anyone in the relation - to email us their current contact information. Send it to me at

If you are more comfortable with snail-mail, send any information to me at Mike Heydinger Box 112 Huron, OH 44839.

We need Family History Data.

Also, we would like to do a full page here of information on each branch of the original John Heydinger family. We will post histories of each branch, pictures as far back as we can get them, and any other interesting data about the branches - whatever YOU think ought to be up on the site. We ask you to send us digital files if possible. If you are not computer savy and still wish to make a contribution of materials to this site, please email us and we can arrange to either come to you or have materials shipped to us for scanning and then return to you.

PLEASE - on all pictures, identify each person with a recognizable face. If known, indicate the year and place the picture was taken. Protect your valuable pictures and documents with cardboard stiffeners!

We need Current Family Tree Information.

If you go to the FAMILY GENEALOGY TREE in the column to the right, you can open it by clicking on the RED words This Family Tree and locate your immediate family's limbs, branches, and twigs on the family tree.

The further back you go, the more accurate the information actually is. What we need most is more MODERN up-to-date information.

Locate your part of the family's information and update it for us, PLEASE. Email to us the new and improved data. Don't worry about formating the data. Just give us the names and important dates, tell us what generation they are in and under whose name they should go. Generation numbers are included just to the LEFT of each name.

In order to have the NEW information included in the revised tree, you MUST get it to us. We will maintain the original document in order to guarantee security. Sorry!