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Research done by various family members over the years has turned up many interesting documents relating to the Heydinger's, both here in America and back in Europe.

Some were researched first hand by family members who visited the European family towns of origin, others were obtained through skilled genealogists' research, still others through internet searches.

There are facsimiles of original birth, baptismal, marriage, and death certificates. There are copies of letters, diary entries, and notes handed down from early in the 20th century.

We hope you enjoy viewing these records and getting closer in touch with your roots. We also invite you to make a contribution to this site if you have in your possession or know of the whereabouts of similar materials. Just email us and we'll get with you to expand this section.

European Documents

  • 1796 - Marriage Certificate of Pierre Heydinger, father of John Adam Heydinger, and Barbe Delesse
  • 1811 - Death Certificate of Pierre Heydinger, father of John Adam Heydinger
  • 1797 - Birth Certificate of John Adam Heydinger, Father of Nine Sons
  • 1827 - John Adam Heydinger's Certificate of Marriage to Catherine Brun - February
  • 1827 - Wedding Annoncement of John Adam and Catherine Brun Heydinger
  • 1827 - John Heydinger's Birth Certificate - December
  • 1830 - Birth Certificate of Joseph Heydinger, son of John Adam and Catherine Heydinger
  • 1832 - Birth Certificate of Elizabeth Heydinger, daughter of John Adam and Catherine Heydinger
  • 1835 - Birth Certificate of Margaret Heydinger, daughter of John Adam and Catherine Heydinger
  • 1837 - Birth Certificate of Mary Heydinger, daughter of John Adam and Catherine Heydinger
  • 1846 - Birth Certificate of Phillipe Heydinger, son of John Adam and Catherine Heydinger
  • 1847 - Death Certificate of Phillipe Heydinger, son of John Adam and Catherine Heydinger
  • 1800 - Birth Certificate of Marie Heydinger, Daughter of Pierre, sister of John Adam - not yet discovered

    American Documents

  • Ship Log Listing Heydinger Immigrants in January, 1851
  • History of First Heydinger Land Purchase in US
  • History of Margaret Heydinger Miller, Sister of John Heydinger
  • 1859 - Certificate of Citizenship for John Adam Heydinger
  • 1864 - Certificate of Exemption from Civil War for John Heydinger

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    This is YOUR FAMILY WEBSITE. It will be successful only if YOU contribute. You do NOT have to be computer savy to help out. Contact us, and we'll git'er done!

    We need Current Contact Information.

    In order to keep all folks fully informed, we need CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION: street addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

    Contact your siblings, your children away from home, your folks - anyone in the relation - to email us their current contact information. Send it to me at

    If you are more comfortable with snail-mail, send any information to me at Mike Heydinger Box 112 Huron, OH 44839.

    We need Family History Data.

    Also, we would like to do a full page here of information on each branch of the original John Heydinger family. We will post histories of each branch, pictures as far back as we can get them, and any other interesting data about the branches - whatever YOU think ought to be up on the site. We ask you to send us digital files if possible. If you are not computer savy and still wish to make a contribution of materials to this site, please email us and we can arrange to either come to you or have materials shipped to us for scanning and then return to you.

    PLEASE - on all pictures, identify each person with a recognizable face. If known, indicate the year and place the picture was taken. Protect your valuable pictures and documents with cardboard stiffeners!

    We need Current Family Tree Information.

    If you go to the FAMILY GENEALOGY TREE in the column to the right, you can open it by clicking on the RED words This Family Tree and locate your immediate family's limbs, branches, and twigs on the family tree.

    The further back you go, the more accurate the information actually is. What we need most is more MODERN up-to-date information.

    Locate your part of the family's information and update it for us, PLEASE. Email to us the new and improved data. Don't worry about formating the data. Just give us the names and important dates, tell us what generation they are in and under whose name they should go. Generation numbers are included just to the LEFT of each name.

    In order to have the NEW information included in the revised tree, you MUST get it to us. We will maintain the original document in order to guarantee security. Sorry!