Ott and Josephine Heydinger Wedding Picture taken in 1916.

Last known picture of Ott, October 1960


Otto Heydinger was born to Peter and Rose Heydinger in 1888, the second Heydinger grandchild born in America. He attended schools in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX until YYYYYYYYYY and then left to begin working as ................

In 1916, Ott married Josephine Durnwald and together they produced twelve children of whom nine lived to reach marriageable age. Ott farmed his entire life, living on a XXX acre farm just east of New Washington on present day SR 103, almost across from the Cranberry Hills Golf Course, on land now farmed by his second youngest son, Bill.

Ott was known for .............................. He died on Christmas Day in 1960.

Josephine was raiased in .............. She passed away on April 14, 1979, at the age of 80. etc

The Ott and Josephine Heydinger children are as follows:

  • Viola Karl - 1917
  • Bertha Karl - 1918
  • Harold - 1919
  • Raymond - 1 Nov 1921 - 12 Nov 1921
  • Donald - 1922 - 1944
  • Vera - 1924
  • Gilbert - 1927
  • Louis - 12 Dec 1929 - 16 Dec 1929
  • Mary Alice - 15 Jan 1930 - 27 Dec 1930
  • Glenn - 1934
  • William "Bill" 1936
  • Allen 19 Sept 1939 - 29 Aug 1986
  • Otto Heydinger Family Photo Album
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